Posted by: ecko00920 | April 15, 2010


hi minna..i’m planning to make a dojinshi and i really dont know what to name it..can someone help me?? here is the cover to be of my dojinshi/comics


blue = asane

green = midori

pink = pixel-chan


pixel-chan a freshman student from a school called “sakura high of arts” is a aspiring  manga artist one day surf internet..while surfing internet a message on the screen on the screen of her PC..she avoid it cause she thinks it’s a virus or something day while pixel-chan does her art project..the message appears again..the message pisses her off so she just accept the message but suddenly after clicking it..something happens then she suddenly transform in something like magical..etc…

LOL..i dont like to tell the whole story so i think that is…have you think of a nice name??..if yes..please suggest it and i may draw your OC or mascot as prie for helping me ^^,




  1. please go here for the good uality mof the image

  2. nice drawing 🙂

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