Posted by: ecko00920 | April 20, 2010

nendoroid puchi:bakemonogatari set #3

hi everyone..i just visited mikatans blog and i have got a news for all those nendoroid lovers(includes me of course!)

mikatan shows up a cute little nendo’s..the nendo is from the series bakemonogatari!! yep!! the set includes 3 figures..they are

“shinobi oshino”,”Araragi Tsukihi”and “Araragi Karen”.

now..let’s take a look on the figure itself and the accesories *u*

Shinobi Oshino

she can you can see xD

shinobi loves donuts 😀

why dont you try remove her helmet? ;D

ant that’s our very cute shinobi!! now..let’s go to the second figure..c’mon..

Araragi karen

ohohoho~ standing&grinning to you

why dont you try bending her hands? ;D

so..that’s araragi tsukihi with her egg hair clip grinning all the way to you ^////^’s go to the last figure

no other than araragi karen!!

Araragi Tsukihi

so here’s araragi karen cutely standing(she’s the cutest among the three for me)

so..just like the first araragi..she have an extra hands(bent)

with the two araragi..why dont you make pose like this with them:

let them sit  and hold each other’s hand ^//o//^

so..for the last mikatan’s pic:

the three figure cross-dress 😀

well..pre-orders will start this in your buy list or not??


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