Posted by: ecko00920 | June 17, 2010

figure descision

this is an important week for me! this month/week..there is a possibility that i will get my salary from the job im working..and know what? the money i will get is will be used by me to buy figma and nendoroid..but i think this would be a little a hard for me to decide on the figures i want since my budget is limited..

here is my figure buy list:

BRS – 1,700
tsukasa -1,700
yuu – 2,050 [pre-ordered]
mio – 2,100 [pre-ordered]
total = 7550 PHP
BRS – 2,050
chiaki – 2,000
usa mimi – 2,000
lucchini – 2450
total = 6050PHP
all in all = 13,600PHP
balance= 21,421.44PHP
change = 7821.44PHP
but i still deciding because i still want ritsu figma and mugi figma…
can you help me decide eh?
check out this video..i found’s really a great and perfect figma mod for louise-chan


  1. why not go for figmas Ritsu and Mugi? That’s still quite a big sum of change and better get them while their prices aren’t that overpriced yet IMO ^^

    • haha..its because i still need to pay my mom at least half the price of the drawing tablet she gaved me..uhmm..its like 1900PHP..and i think i should still save money for upcoming nendoroid dead master and figma daed master and aya kagura(uniform ver.) ;D
      but then…i think you right!! but how bout yui and azusa D:
      the band will never be complete ;A;

      • I like Azusa and Mugi from the girls, but yeah, go for Yui, the blank face with decals are a win XD

  2. well..i just decided that i will get mugi,mio and yui, goodbye to my cute and cool ritsu TT^TT

    • i will not get tuskasa too anymore even i super dooper want here TT^TT

      • Tsukasa doesn’t look like she’ll be leaving the local shops shelves anytime soon anyway, so, you can save her for later ^^

  3. are right!!

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