Posted by: ecko00920 | June 30, 2010

figure photoshoot:rozen night shoot

hi everyone..its been long time since i posted i decided to post something with my new arrived figure “rozen maiden” by good smile company. actually this figure is won by me from a contest of  “manga castle” (they are really cool and great..but theyre prises is  used but still good)

last night while outside my house i got an idea playing with candle and i took get my camera and tried to take shoots..and this is the result:

and after photoshoot….figure  in box where gone D:

my 2 yr old niece stole them away TT^TT



  1. I like the last picture

    • lol..tnx..too sad i dont have a camera that is for real photography :))

  2. Nice images for being dark ones ^^. And congrats on the Rozen maiden get. Sad to hear that your Nendo and parts got stolen though.

    • niece is such a pain whenever here in my house >3>

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