Posted by: ecko00920 | July 20, 2010

goodbye wordpress! hi blogspot!

hi minna~
as you can leaving wordpress now and moved to blogspot!!
it’s already a weeks since i started posting on my new blog and forgot to announce here!
you can now found me here

sorry if i didnt told it earlier..

for all who affiliated with me and currently reading this  i would be glad too if you are gonna update my link^^,

really sorry..this post would be last post..

also..this blog would not be deleted in case i wanted to go back 😛

tnx everyone 🙂

Posted by: ecko00920 | June 30, 2010

figure photoshoot:rozen night shoot

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Posted by: ecko00920 | June 17, 2010

[max factory] figma aya kagura! ups for pre-order

max factory just released aya kagura the energetic and cool girl from series se.kirara for pre-order!

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Posted by: ecko00920 | June 17, 2010

figure descision

this is an important week for me! this month/week..there is a possibility that i will get my salary from the job im working..and know what? the money i will get is will be used by me to buy figma and nendoroid..but i think this would be a little a hard for me to decide on the figures i want since my budget is limited..

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Posted by: ecko00920 | April 20, 2010

nendoroid puchi:bakemonogatari set #3

hi everyone..i just visited mikatans blog and i have got a news for all those nendoroid lovers(includes me of course!)

mikatan shows up a cute little nendo’s..the nendo is from the series bakemonogatari!! yep!! the set includes 3 figures..they are
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Posted by: ecko00920 | April 16, 2010

nendoroid: mikuru asahina

hi minna
so..wassup? me, i’m currently waiting for my nendoroid mikuru to my hands..dunno her? she is

(she looks a lil’bit scared to you..LOL)


this mikuru nendoroid is from 
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Posted by: ecko00920 | April 15, 2010


hi minna..i’m planning to make a dojinshi and i really dont know what to name it..can someone help me?? here is the cover to be of my dojinshi/comics

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Posted by: ecko00920 | April 13, 2010

post test :3